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Family Law

Is There Fault in Your Divorce?

In Maryland, divorce may be filed as either a no-fault (mutual consent) or fault-based divorce, and understanding the grounds for fault in divorce may be advantageous to your situation. Here, the family and domestic law attorneys at Snee, Lutche, Helmlinger & Spielberger discuss the components of a fault divorce. What is a fault divorce? A…

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What to Know About Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Victims of domestic violence have an elevated set of concerns when considering divorce and child custody. Here, the family law attorneys at Snee, Lutche, Helmlinger & Spielberger provide information for victims of domestic violence who are attempting to obtain child custody. You May Be Able to Obtain an Emergency Protective Order If you have decided…

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When Family Law Can Become Criminal

Clients often question whether a spouse can be charged in situations such as child custody violations and domestic disputes. In fact, there are situations when domestic disputes can also be grounds for criminal charges. Scenario 1: Protective Orders  In divorce proceedings, a District Court issues a protective order against Spouse A due to the belief…

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Your Possessions & Divorce

If divorcing couples cannot agree on the distribution of their marital possessions, the court intervenes and divides the property for them. So, if you and your spouse wish to manage the distribution of your belongings on your own terms, you can create a property division agreement that is suitable for the both of you. In…

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Dividing Property during Divorce

The old saying goes, “what’s mine is yours,” regarding property in marriage. But does this hold true in divorce? One of the functions of the circuit court in a divorce action is to equitably distribute the parties’ marital property.  Marital property means the property, however titled, acquired by one or both parties during the marriage.…

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Three New Divorce Laws in Maryland for 2015

Three new bills were passed by the Legislature in the recent 2015 session and approved by the Governor, allowing Maryland residents to have more control in deciding when their marriage is over. The experienced attorneys at Snee, Mahoney, Lutche & Helmlinger shed insight to the new laws. Maryland has a reputation as conservative and paternalistic…

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Saying “I Do” Once More

The family law attorneys from Snee, Mahoney, Lutche and Helmlinger discuss the trend regarding remarriage.  It is not exactly breaking news that divorce has become more common in today’s society. However, more people are saying “I do” after they’ve already said “I don’t.” The higher percentages of remarriages correspond with higher divorce rates.  According to…

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