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4 environmental issues that can complicate zoning approval

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Land Use & Zoning

Several things can complicate the zoning process for your Maryland business. They include historic preservation issues and parking concerns. Environmental issues may arise, too.

In fact, you may have to address a few environmental factors before you get your permit.

1. Pollution threats to waterways

Maryland is home to many waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay. These waterways face pollution threats. Industrial runoff, agricultural practices and urban development pose risks.

Contamination endangers aquatic life and jeopardizes public health and recreational activities. As a result, businesses must show plans to reduce pollution and follow strict environmental rules to obtain zoning approval.

2. Habitat destruction and biodiversity loss

Infrastructure projects can encroach upon natural habitats, displacing wildlife and disrupting ecosystems. Businesses seeking zoning approval must navigate concerns regarding habitat preservation and conservation efforts.

3. Climate change vulnerabilities

Changes such as rising sea levels, increased frequency of extreme weather events and shifts in temperature and precipitation patterns affect businesses. For instance, these changes pose risks to infrastructure, public safety and natural resources. Businesses must consider climate resilience measures in their zoning applications.

4. Air quality concerns

Poor air quality, made worse by factors such as vehicle emissions, industrial activities and agricultural practices, poses health risks to Maryland residents. High levels of pollutants contribute to respiratory problems and other health issues. Zoning approval for businesses may depend on ways to reduce air pollution and promote cleaner energy sources.

By incorporating environmental considerations into their plans, businesses can get zoning approval and contribute to a healthier Maryland.