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Helping Local Establishments Obtain Liquor Licenses

At Snee, Lutche & Helmlinger, P.A., our attorneys advise clients on legal matters relating to the issuance of liquor licenses. Whether you need to obtain a new liquor license or need representation in a liquor board violation proceeding, you can rely on our experienced lawyers to help you.

We have years of experience helping clients with applications and violations in front of the liquor boards of Maryland. With clients in Bel Air and throughout Harford County, we have represented the most liquor license establishments in the area. From locally-owned restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and national chains such as Applebee’s, establishments in Harford County trust us to manage their licensing concerns.

Navigating Strict Liquor Sales Laws In Maryland

For many establishments, the ability to serve liquor is essential to the business. In Maryland, this requires obtaining a special license. Liquor laws often differ between counties and cities. To successfully navigate the complicated liquor laws, you need an experienced liquor license attorney who understands the nuances and requirements.

Our attorneys can help you with various liquor licensing issues, including:

  • Original liquor license application
  • Supplemental license application
  • Renewal applications
  • Liquor license transfer applications
  • Defense of liquor board violations

Maryland has very strict laws in the regulation of liquor sales. Violations can result in severe penalties, including losing your liquor license. We will help answer all your questions about the guidelines and requirements to help ensure that you do not violate your license. If a violation occurs, we can defend you in front of the liquor board to protect your right to sell alcohol in your establishment.

We Understand The Liquor License Process

Our attorneys can help you determine what kind of liquor license you need and explain your duties and rights once you obtain your license. Our team is known in the area for helping businesses get through this process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at 410-505-8412 or fill out an online contact form.