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Landlords And Tenants Have Legal Rights

Not every lease agreement goes smoothly. At Snee, Lutche & Helmlinger, P.A., our attorneys represent landlords and tenants in everything from lease terms to property damage and personal injury. We offer our Bel Air and Harford County clients comprehensive and efficient representation to help them navigate landlord and tenant disputes.

Conflicts between landlords and tenants can quickly turn into legal action that can have lasting consequences. With years of experience in landlord and tenant law, we are able to evaluate your position and use the best strategies to fight to protect your rights. Consulting with an attorney early in the process can help further protect your rights and avoid eviction or a lawsuit.

Advocating For The Rights Of Landlords

In Maryland, landlords of residential and commercial properties have certain rights. However, landlords must carefully follow all laws and terms of the lease agreement to help protect themselves from disputes.

Common issues that landlords face include:

  • Unpaid rent
  • Property damage
  • Lease termination
  • Misuse of premises

If a resolution cannot be reached through alternative methods, we can help you pursue eviction, monetary damages and other litigation proceedings. We can also help draft lease agreements that serve to protect you in case of any issues in the future.

Protecting Tenants

Every residential or commercial tenant has the right to a livable or workable dwelling. A landlord has a duty to provide for the maintenance and upkeep of the property. A tenant may have the right to seek legal action if a landlord breaches their duty.

Common issues that tenants face include:

  • Failure to honor lease terms
  • Wrongfully withholding security deposit
  • Failure to make repairs

There are certain situations where a landlord has a right to evict you. For example, if you are months behind on your rent or violate the lease. Eviction processes are difficult to stop once they get started, but if your landlord is seeking eviction, we can represent you in eviction proceedings or try to negotiate an agreement to avoid that serious step.

Advocating For Your Interests In Lease Agreements

Resolving a dispute with your landlord or tenant can be urgent, especially when your safety, security and finances are on the line. At Snee, Lutche & Helmlinger, P.A., we advocate for your best interests and fight to protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a landlord and tenant attorney by calling 410-505-8412 or filling out an online contact form.