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Should you lease or buy your business property?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Business Law

Whether you are starting up or in expansion mode, choosing between buying or leasing commercial property for your business is an important consideration. Your current finances, expected growth and flexibility all factor into the decision.

As with any choice you make for your business, you should study your choices before you commit.


Purchasing commercial real estate offers a sense of ownership. The property becomes an equity asset that you can leverage for future expansions.

Obtaining a commercial loan typically requires a significant down payment, sometimes exceeding 25 percent. This can be offset by the stability of a locked-in monthly payment, which makes for better management of long-term costs. Unlike leasing, where rent may increase, owning offers a fixed line item for your annual budget.

As an owner, you have the freedom to customize the space according to business needs. You can do renovations, expansions and modifications without seeking your landlord’s approval, providing a higher degree of control over the property.


Leasing gives you flexibility in terms of location and space. It is easier to adapt to changing business needs by relocating or expanding within the property or to a different one without the commitment of ownership.

With leasing, there is typically a smaller upfront investment compared to buying. This allows you to conserve capital for operational needs, marketing or other growth initiatives.

Lease agreements often place the responsibility for property maintenance on the landlord. This is a significant advantage, especially if your business has limited resources or when you are looking to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

A careful evaluation of your circumstances and objectives, along with research into applicable leasing and ownership regulations in your area, should point you toward the best option for your business.