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Gail Spielberger Appointed

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Firm News

The Maryland Court of Appeals has appointed Gail D. Spielberger to the Character Committee for the Second Appellate Court of Maryland, effective January 1, 2018.

The Court of Appeals of Maryland is the admitting authority for attorneys in the State of Maryland. This Court appoints attorneys to the Character Committees in each of the  seven  Appellate Judicial Circuits in Maryland to review the character and fitness of Maryland Bar applicants.

As a Member of the Character Committee, Ms. Spielberger will investigate and verify the information disclosed in an applicant’s Bar Application, the information returned by each applicant’s school, employer, and personal references, conduct  a personal interview of the bar applicants, and when necessary, hold hearings to ascertain the moral character and fitness of applicants to the Bar of Maryland.

Through this process, Ms. Spielberger and the other Members of the Character Committee will make recommendations to the Maryland State Board of Law Examiners for or against admission to the bar.  The State Board of Law Examiners then makes an admission recommendation to the Court of Appeals as to each applicant. Upon receiving the State Board of Law Examiner’s recommendation, the Court of Appeals makes the final decision with regard to the admission of each applicant.

Ms. Spielberger is honored to receive this appointment and to have an opportunity to assist in the preservation of our legal system and the integrity of our Courts.