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Firm Associate Laura Bechtel Helps to Raise Awareness of Harford County Drug Issues

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2016 | Firm News

Firm Associate Laura Bechtel serves as a board member of The Albert P. Close Foundation, which works to raise funds for Harford County troubled youth. In February, the Foundation created the “conversation tree” project, in hopes of creating awareness of the heroin overdoses and related deaths that have overcome Harford County.

Carol Frontera, president of The Albert P. Close Foundation, said, “We want people to be aware of the issues and we want people to be here to talk to parents, especially, because parents don’t really know what to do,” when explaining that the display would remain up through the end of February and would be manned by Foundation members.

The tree, which was set up in the Harford mall, was decorated with slogans related to drug use and pictures of residents who passed away as a result. Read the full Baltimore Sun article here.