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Joseph Snee represents Walmart in traffic issue

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Business Law

A recent Baltimore Sun article explains the $6 million in county traffic requirements for Bel Air Walmart South store. Joseph Snee of SMLH represents Walmart in the case.

“Harford County’s long list of traffic improvements for Walmart’s controversial proposed store in Bel Air South is inequitable when compared to less expensive conditions for developers of nearby properties, a Walmart spokesperson says.

‘This is unfair treatment,’ Nina Albert, Walmart’s director of community affairs, said about the county’s demand that Walmart improve intersections as far away as Route 924 and MacPhail Road, part of the $6 million traffic mitigation package demanded by the county.

Meeting with two Aegis editors and a reporter at the newspaper’s Bel Air office Monday, Albert said the company believes its proposal to spend $4 million on such improvements, which would include a full intersection at Route 924 and Bright Oaks Drive, is ‘generous.’

If the county continues to insist on the more expensive and expansive improvements, Walmart would need “to assess the impact” in deciding whether to proceed with development of the 186,000-square-foot store at Route 924 and Plumtree Road, she said.

Albert was accompanied by Joseph Snee, Walmart’s attorney for the Bel Air South project, and David Curley, an executive with the public relations firm Sandy Hillman Communications. She spoke less than a day after opponents held a community meeting in Bel Air to discuss the latest developments with traffic control plans for the store. Albert said Walmart representatives were not invited and did not attend.”