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Use A Fake ID, Lose Your License

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Firm News

Summer is fast approaching, and that means that plenty of college students will be returning home from universities to enjoy their summer vacations.  Parents should be aware of what also may be accompanying their students as they return home from campus – their newly acquired fake ID’s.  Here is why using or possessing a fictitious license in the State of Maryland is more costly that one may have thought.

Displaying or possessing a fake ID could result in violations of § 16-301 of the Transportation Article of the Md. Ann. Code.  A conviction under § 16-301 for displaying or possessing a fictitious license carries a potential 60-day period of incarceration, a $500 fine, and a devastating 12 points on the licensee’s driving record.  12 points, which is also the points assessment associated with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol convictions, will trigger an automatic revocation of the licensee’s driver’s license.

If a licensed establishment serves or sells alcohol to an individual using a fictitious ID, the establishment could face sanction from their local Liquor Control Board.  It is likely that the individual who used the fake ID will be required to appear and testify at an Administrative Proceeding before the Liquor Control Board before the licensed establishment faces a fine, suspension, or loss of their liquor license. Additionally, violations under § 16-301 are of the “must appear” variety of traffic violations, due to the incarcerable nature of the offenses, making representation by counsel an advisable decision.

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