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“Mock Trials Presented at High Schools in Harford”

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Firm News

Joseph Snee serves as a defense attorney for the 27th consecutive Harford County High School Mock Trial Program.

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Court Cases are going to brought to Harford’s schools in the next few weeks.

In the midst of prom season, for the 27th consecutive year Harford County Circuit Court Judge Stephen M. Waldron will lead a team of local lawyers and law enforcement officers into area high schools for mock drinking and driving trials.

Each trial team consists of Judge Waldron, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a police officer, and a younger attorney playing he part of a student at the school, borrowing the name (with permission) of a student in the senior class.

The panel will put on a DUI mock trial with facts involving a post-prom party and which highlights the negative repercussions from bad decision-making about drinking and driving.

Presented to the senior class of participating high schools he week before their proms, the program concludes with a question-and-answer session among students and the trial team.

North Harford High’s “trial” was April 24th, Bel Air’s was the 25th, Havre de Grace was the 28th, Joppatowne was on April 30th, Patterson Mill is on May 2nd and Fallston on May 16th.

Prosecutors for this year’s program include Harford County State’s Attorney Diane Tobin and local prosecutors Dave Ryden, Chris Smith and Mike Mathias.

Defense attorneys include Joe Snee, Bruce Smith, Chris Van Roden, Ed Andrews and Eric McLaughlin. Law enforcement officers are Sgt. Rob Pfarr of the Bel Air Police Department, and from Harford County Sheriff’s Office, DFC Austin Steg, Capt. Carl Brooks, DFC Christopher Maddox, Lt. Don Gividen and Cpl. Shawn Craig. The high school senior defendants will be portrayed by attorneys Karen Taborg, Chris Smith, Brenden Hodge, Laura Bechtel, and Caroline Andes.