Intellectual Property Law

Terms of the contract

As technology advances, so do the needs of those SLH clients who engage in technology transactions. Our attorneys assist clients with legal decisions related to technology development and the protection of information. We inform and educate clients about state laws, federal acts and private agreements that can guard and defend their tradenames, trademarks, and service markets.

Whether our client is a technology company with its relationships already in place, or an individual entrepreneur just starting out with an idea, SLH attorneys understand the client’s technology and how to guide its growth. From concept to capitalization, our technology practice can provide the tools you need in an efficient manner.

SLH’s intellectual property law services include:

  • Licensing
  • Trade Secrets
  • Transfer of Technology Rights
  • Joint Ventures
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Trademark Applications Online with United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Defense of Office Actions with United States Patent and Trademark Office