Commercial Law

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SLH represents and advises lenders, individuals and corporate clients, related to commercial financing in connection with residential and commercial transactions, including but not limited to original loans, acquisition, construction, renovation loans, annuities, revolving lines of credit, refinancings, modifications, workouts, confession of judgment actions, foreclosures, and collection of judgments. Out clients include lenders, individuals, corporations and limited liability companies.

Our lawyers assist lenders through every stage of the loan process; from term sheets, commitment letters, loan documentation preparation and review, and legal opinion letters for credit, to title reviews, and closing. We also handle confession of judgment, foreclosure and collection of judgment matters for our lender and creditor clients. SLH also provides individuals and entity clients with counsel in connections with acquisitions loans, construction loans, letters of credit, revolving lines of credit, including but not limited to review and negotiation of commitment letters and loan documents. We are able to provide experienced legal advice regardless of whether the client is a lender, borrower or guarantor.

SLH’s Business services include:

  • Drafting loan documents, including but not limited to
    • Term Sheet and/or Commitment Letter
    • Loan Agreement
    • Deed of Trust and/or Indemnity Deed of Trust
    • Security Agreement
    • Assignment of Rents and Leases
    • UCC Financing Statement
    • Guaranty Agreement
    • Borrower’s and Guarantor’s Opinion of Counsel
    • Environmental Indemnity Agreement
    • Subordination and Attornment Agreement
    • SBA Financing