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Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

Foreclosure can be extremely damaging to your credit and overall financial health, so it is important to avoid it if you can. Here, the commercial law and real estate attorneys at Snee, Lutche, Helmlinger & Spielberger provide tips for avoiding foreclosure. Foreclosure occurs when a lender repossesses a property due to delinquent or nonexistent mortgage…

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Renting with Roommates: Legal Guidance for Success

With housing costs on the rise, renting with roommates is a more popular choice than ever—but having a roommate can pose long-term issues if disputes arise. Here, the landlord-tenant law attorneys at Snee, Lutche, Helmlinger & Spielberger, detail ways to mitigate legal problems when renting with roommates. Create a Roommate Agreement When living with a…

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Second Home

For those in the financial position to do so, a second home can be a great investment, but there are serious issues to consider before taking the next step. Here, the real estate law and estate planning experts at SLHS detail considerations you should make before choosing to purchase a second home. What is the…

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Relocating Your Business

There are a number of reasons why a business owner may feel the need to relocate within, or outside of, its state of operation. A business may experience a decrease in cash flow as consumer trends change, or an owner may feel as though their business needs to branch out into new markets. Moving a…

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What Your Bel Air Real Estate Attorneys Want You to Know

Attorneys are ethically responsible for having a client’s best interest in mind. Real estate attorneys are well versed in the procedures and have existing relationships with local and state agencies.  Thus, having a real estate attorney by your side can make a substantial difference in the efficiency of your real estate process. Don’t wait to…

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