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Five Trends for Commercial Real Estate for 2015

The commercial real estate attorneys from Snee, Mahoney, Lutche & Helmlinger discuss important trends to watch for this year. There are many factors that will ultimately affect the course of commercial real estate for this year, and unforeseen issues are always possible. Based on existing conditions, however, there are five potential trends to watch in…

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Maryland Personal Property Returns are due April 15, 2015

A Maryland Personal Property Return (Form 1) must be filed by all businesses that are incorporated, qualified or registered to do business in Maryland on January 1, 2015. This includes corporations, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, statutory trusts, and real estate investment trusts. Form 1 is required even if your business owns…

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Maryland Residential Lease Requirements

Previous SMLH website articles have focused on important language to include in commercial leases.  Certainly, residential leases in Maryland should not be neglected and should be regularly reviewed to confirm their compliance with changing Maryland laws.  In fact, residential leases are more highly regulated than commercial leases and are required to contain mandatory language addressing…

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Perfecting Mechanic's Lien Claims

A mechanic’s lien is a process created by the Maryland legislature to allow subcontractors who have not been paid for work they have performed to expeditiously pursue collection of their delinquent accounts.  Mechanic’s liens are typically asserted by subcontractors who have not been paid by general contractors.  However, sometimes the property owner is also the…

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Court Says "Business Judgment Rule" Is the Standard for HOA Decisions

The Court of Special Appeals has recently reinforced the notion that decisions made by homeowners associations’ boards of directors will not be disturbed on judicial review, absent a showing of fraud or bad faith. The Court previously addressed this issue in a 1992 decision, at which time it refused to overturn a decision that it…

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