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Did Your Entity Miss It’s Personal Property Tax Return And Annual Reporting For 2019?

Did you miss the filing deadline and/or the extension for the 2019 Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return?


If you missed the April 15th filing date and/or the June 17th extension deadline your entity is no longer in good standing with Maryland SDAT.  Contact Colleen Helmlinger for assistance filing your delinquent returns and reports which will ensure your entity’s good standing status with the State of Maryland.


Annual Report Requirements: What You Need to Know to Maintain Good Standing

We know that self-managing annual report preparation and personal property tax return filings may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. SLHS can assist you with filing your annual reports and personal property tax returns so that all of your entities maintain their good standing within the State of Maryland, whether they are a domestic entity or a foreign entity registered to transact business within the State.

Contact SLHS to discuss any of the following issues and how we can assist you with these obligations to assure your entities maintain their good standing year-round:

  • Deadlines and requirements
  • Consequences of not filing and missed deadlines
  • Handling of foreign entities qualified in MD
  • Common challenges with annual reports
  • Common challenges with personal property tax returns

In the event your entity is not in good standing for failure to meet these annual filing requirements, or in the event the charter of your entity is forfeited for failure to file these annual filings for two (2) consecutive years, please contact Colleen Helmlinger of SLHS for assistance filing your delinquent returns and reports, reviving your entity’s charter and reinstating its good standing status in the State of Maryland.


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