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Harford County Tax Credits – New As Of July 1, 2018!

Harford County has signed into law Bill No. 17-201 which gives property tax credits to: a) retired military veterans sixty-five (65) years old or older; and/or b) any individual who is at least sixty-five (65) years old and has lived in the same residence in Harford County for at least forty (40) years.  The new law grants a twenty percent (20%) credit over five years to those who are eligible.  The Harford County credit will take effect July 1, 2018.  The new law provides consistency with a similar  state legislation that was passed in 2016 and is intended to support those citizens who have lived in one county for some time and/or provided service.

A kind reminder to always check your existing and/or new assessment on your residential and/or commercial properties against the actual market value of your property. If you believe it to be out of line with market value contact Steve Lutche, 410-893-7500 about how we can help.

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